This stock sets new standards in terms of ergonomics and accuracy!




  • Stock made of walnut heartwood or laminate
  • Punched grip surfaces
  • Height-adjustable cheeckpiece
  • Oilfinish


  • Longitudinally adjustable rubber recoil pad


Thanks to the perfect ergonomics of its pistol grip, the stock feels like a natural extension of the body. No more careful adjustments of the trigger hand - your finger will automatically find the perfect position on the trigger every time you mount your gun.


SchichtholzSchichtholz braun2Laminate brown
Schichtholz-grauLaminate grey-black 

SPT ErgoGrip stocks are available for the following rifle models:

  • compatible for Blaser R8 Professional

  • compatible for Blaser R93 Professional

  • compatible for Haenel J10

  • compatible for Heckler + Koch SL7

  • compatible for Heckler + Koch SL6
  • compatible for Heym SR21

  • compatible for Heym SR30

  • compatible for Howa 1500 short

  • compatible for Howa 1500 long

  • compatible for Mauser M03

  • compatible for Mauser M98

  • compatible for Remington 700 short

  • compatible for Sauer 101

  • compatible for Steyr SBS96 / Classic

  • compatible for Steyr M (Makrolon Magazin)

  • compatible for Steyr L (Makrolon Magazin)

  • compatible for Steyr S (Makrolon Magazin)

  • compatible for Tikka T3

All stocks offered here are made at our own workshop and are compatible with the specified gun types.


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